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Andrei Sidersky

Author and developer of Yoga training system - Yoga23, soul and spirit of Yoga23 Studio, creative director of Yoga23 (Y23) international project and Slavic ZEN Magazine, Andrei Sidersky is a yoga master, artist, poet, and writer, whose works left an indelible impression on those who experienced them.

Siderski started his career as a competitive swimmer, later becoming a licensed professional diver, diving instructor, and free-diver. In 1981-1983, based on yoga swimming technique (plavita-saddhana) and his own experience, he developed and introduced a unique training method that allowed swimmers increasing their breath-holding ability. He works with leading Russian and Ukrainian free-divers as a yoga expert and underwater photographer and is known among professional free-divers as "Crazy Russian Yoga Monster Free-dive Cameraman." His "Zen video-etudes" won a special prize and numerous awards at "Silver Shark" International Underwater Art Festival in "Best Video Film" and "Best Video Story" categories.

Andrei Sidersky has practiced yoga since 1975, first with an instructor, and then, since 1978 continuing on his own. At 1980 he started using yoga elements when training divers, then taught yoga to a few select free-divers and some other sportsmen, eventually expanding his audiences, teaching yoga and yoga therapy. At the moment Siderskiy is one of the world's leading specialists in developing modern yoga teaching methods and psychotronic training techniques.

He's the author of three professional books, and numerous articles on yoga theory and practice. He also translated Carlos Castaneda's A Separate Reality, Journey to Ixtlan, The Fire from Within, Richard Bach's Johnatan Livingston Seagull, selected works of Mantak Chia, Sri Swami Sivanandra, Svatmarama's Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and other works. His psychedelic best-seller The Third Discovery of Power is soon to be translated into English.

As a child, Siderski studied at art. Later yoga significantly influenced his style of painting, and in 1990-2003 he developed Psychotronic Art - a psycho-technological action movement, which is based on the effect geometric objects' colored surfaces have on energy-informational space content. Since then he participated in major exhibitions as well as held personal exhibitions in London, Zurich, Geneva, New-York, and Moscow. He's also created a number of "targeted" psychotronic paintings to modulate the informational content of offices, studios, and homes. All the paintings are in private collections and galleries (United State, Great Britain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia.)

As a result of almost 30 years of yoga practice and 20 years of improving yoga-teaching methods, Siderski developed Yoga23 (Y23) - a systematic approach to yoga teaching, optimized for the conditions of the modern society, based on the physical vacuum theory, torsion field theory, linguistic genetics, scientific cosmoenergetics, and information theory.
Andrei Sidersky went through all the stages every qualified yoga teacher must pass – from studying classics to intuitive method of practicing and teaching… And went on where no teacher has gone before – into the area of discovering new yoga principles and expanding the human knowledge of the World structure.


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