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Anton began his yoga journey in 2000 with 10 years of teaching experience by now. He met many masters, learned from them and adopted powerful elements and ideas of their practices - structure and rhythm from Andrei Siderski, physiological alignment and safety from Simon Borg-Olivier, pranic control from Reinhard Gammenthaler… Anton is a co-founder of Hatha Yoga Space studio in Sydney, Australia. “Yoga is an ultimate way to transcend the ordinary life experience. Most people experience the miracle of life through a constant prism of their mindset. It virtually never changes being knitted by the ego. With yoga practice we are able to override the dominant of ego and consciously manipulate own mindset. Hence, we can live many lives within one lifespan…”. In his practice and teaching Anton is dedicated to achieving the meditative state of mind (chitta vritti nirodhah) where the ego is silenced and the mind-set is easy to be administered from.





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Detox Yoga retreat
in Byron Bay
15 Sep - 21 Sep, 2018

Yoga and Ayurveda
Rejuvenation retreat
in Kerala (India)
1 Oct - 10 Oct, 2018

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