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Can Yoga help us to effectively express our individuality, enrich our experience of the World, make our life more enjoyable? Yes!
Should you be suffering from limitations or imperfections of your life, you can resort to yoga practice to eliminate the limitations.

Hatha Yoga is a first stage of comprehensive development tradition of Yoga. The healing effects of Hatha are just a side issue. Hatha was created to make human body a perfect vehicle for their consciousness as higher stages of Yoga require a body to be an ultimately reliable base for mental transformation.

Would you have not ever been interested in spiritual effects at all, particular techniques from the whole arsenal of Hatha Yoga can be selected and applied separately to get a specific healing result. That is where Yoga therapy originates from. We use to employ the healing potential of Hatha Yoga to directly treat some health disorders like back pain, headaches, irritability, insomnia etc.

We are versed in teaching Yoga enough to choose an appropriate way of practice and provide a trainee with a desired result. We like to teach in a light flow (vyniasa) style that makes you feel fun and relaxed with a higher energy level and quieter mind afterwards.

Alternatively, for ourselves, we have chosen a highly effective style of Hatha Yoga – Y23.
We teach Hatha Yoga through this approach unless it does not go well with client’s expectations and image of Yoga.

Andrei Sidersky - originator of Yoga-23

Yoga23 (Y23)

We teach Hatha Yoga through the modern highly effective approach - Yoga23 (Y23). This method was created by a foremost yoga teacher from Ukraine Andrei Sidersky basing on the key principles of Hatha Yoga. All inefficient and adverse elements were purged from Y23 to ensure effectiveness and safety.

The key features of Y23:
- evident improving effects on body and mind within a short time;
- fast and safe mastering of Hatha Yoga;
- highly durable and perfect body.

Yoga23 is divided into 5 stages to allow fast and safe start in Yoga for almost any level and body condition. For experienced practitioners an individual Y23 training program can be compiled for effective self-development.

To be highly effective, Y23 springs into action the information aspect of traditional yoga techniques. It means that taking our bodies in different shapes, we use asanas (postures) like a programmed code to change pre-genetic information that defines our body nature. Because information processes fly instantly, it just takes a time while our physiological state reflects the result of our practice. Though, we get a great opportunity to apply the immediate changes of our mind and character to better act in our daily life.

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