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Gentle Yoga

Come and try Gentle Yoga where postures are selected to discover and release hidden tension in particular areas and each position is tailored especially to you. This type of practice is designed to improve sleep, circulation, digestion, energy Levels, chronic physical pain, muscle tension, headaches, flexibility, anxiety/depression, arthritis...

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This practice suits everyone. An experienced teacher will help you find the variation of each asana (posture) that is right for you. People with very limited mobility, strength, flexibility or those with injury are welcome. People who are physically fit are welcome. Young and old can benefit from this practice.

Gentle Yoga works through stress relief.
Your nervous system controls and regulates all voluntary and involuntary activities of your body. The involuntary activities (digestion, circulation, glandular function...) are controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which has two states: the sympathetic (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic (rest and digest/feed and breed). In the fast paced society we live in we spend most or all of our waking hours in a state of fight or flight. Instead of running from tigers we're running to make deadlines, constantly multitasking and fighting our way to the top. As we are only meant to be in this fight or flight state for short bursts we begin to experience stress. The more time we spend in this mode the more its effects will compound. Some studies have shown that compounded stress is the cause of 90% of all disease. Your ANS must and will shift to rest and digest. Perhaps you won't be able to sleep, leading to a weakened immune system leading to the flu....boom...you get some rest. This practice provides the opportunity to bring your ANS to a neutral state. Through regular practice the transition between the two states can become smooth and deliberate instead of crashing between stop and go. You cannot get this effect by simply getting more sleep although most people could benefit from sleeping more. While sleeping your body may not be moving but, your ANS may still be in fight or flight; your heart beating quickly, your mind racing and you still feel tired when you wake up. While conscious but deeply relaxed your body has the opportunity to do some needed maintenance and begin to counter the effects of stress. The practice of Gentle Yoga allows scheduled focused time for this work to happen.

Each gentle asana (posture) of Gentle Yoga increases the flow of fresh fluids to different areas: major muscles, spine, organs, joints, brain. The series of asanas during a session will gently massage organs through expansion and contraction which move fresh fluids through them. The asanas are held for 3-7 minutes and will be tailored to suit you. We support each asana with a variety of bolsters, blankets, sand bags, eye pillows and blocks. Each asana supports an opening which increases flexibility, never forcing. This support invites the body to let go of all held tension and surrender into relative relaxation where restoration/meditating may begin.

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Ki Meridian Yoga

Ki Meridian Yoga is a way of exploring, understanding and developing your life through a system of analysis and personal practice. It's about finding a way, your Way, in the complex "way of the world". Ki Meridian Yoga is a fusion of two great Eastern philosophical and practical traditions: it uses the diagnostic and philosophical insights of ancient Taoist observations to analyse, order and adapt the traditional poses and breath techniques of Hatha yoga. And central to this is the Meridian system, a simple lattice of channels in the body that carry the "force of life" (ki) that keeps everything functioning and integrates all aspects of our living.

Core Yoga

The core is the abdomen region, hips and lower back combined. It is every element of foundation to support health and wellbeing of your entire body.
Core Yoga is essential to prevent many common injuries that can be troublesome on not only your health, but quality of life. If our core is weak the ups and downs of life are much harder to take physically and mentally. A strong core makes us more resilient. With core abdominal strength, we can improve almost every other Asana. Core strength improves the blood flow to internal organs and delivers oxygen throughout the body more efficiently, which in turn helps our bodies to cleanse toxic waste and heavy metals.

Flow Yoga

A kind of creative practice capable to refresh and energize, calm down and align. This multipurpose approach is good for fitness and for overall mind-body harmony.

Psi Yoga

This class is based on Yoga23 system by Andrei Siderski. With emphasis on rhytmic breathing, this slow pace practice is dedicated to help to disengage from the parasitic mind patterns and unnatural habits resulting in clarity of mind and ability to meditate. This class is relatively hard as some positions are held for up to two minutes. Though, the deep relaxation in the end along with pranayama (breathing practice) will leave you entirely balanced and energized.


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