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Due to the Covid restrictions we are forced to close our studio for face-to-face classes till 10th of October. Online classes will continue normally.
ALL our subscriptions will include Online Classes for this period. Please see our Timetable to book online classes.

Video Library

Here you can find the recordings of most of our online classes. Also, are adding online courses and video tutorials for the elements of Yoga - Pranayama, Asana, Meditation, Kriya...
Some recordings are available for free. Tutorials are normally included in all our subscriptions and memberships.

Our virtual Yoga Studio for you to maintain healthy body-mind and unbreakable spirit :)
At the moment we offer eleven classes a week in different styles for all levels. All classes are done in an interactive mode so you can choose to be visible to the teacher and be advised during the class. Using our library, you can also do the classes in recordings at your own pace.

You need to sign-up to get access to the online classes and recordings or recordings only.

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If you have an active subscription with Hatha Yoga Space, your subscription may include our online classes and video recordings. Contact us on [email protected] for instructions.


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