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Private Classes

With personal attention you will improve 10 times faster!


While group classes are designed to cure usual body-mind imperfections and develop general human abilities, specific physical limitations may prevent you benefiting even from simple postures. Individual teaching was traditionally applied in Yoga and Yoga Therapy. It is the best solution to eliminate all disappointing body limitations and discover one's unique potential.
Remember, you are unique! Dedicated and correct individual Yoga practice is capable to unleash your hidden abilities awakening snoozing features of unique nature. This concealed potential is able to juice up your life with all that undiscovered perspectives you was born to enjoy.

There are no doubts, Private Classes are to be a perfect approach to all the treasures of doing Yoga. It can be a great addition to group classes as well. It's good to combine!

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1-on-1 Yoga class is $90


Personal Program for independent Yoga practice

Hatha Yoga at its best. Tailored to your individual conditions and desires.


Master your practice under the guidance of Yoga expert. The program is made in accordance with your goals, current body condition, purposes and circumstances. You receive attention of your teacher with the focus on your personal targets. Detailed instructions and corrections make your Yoga practice very effective and safe.

Practise your Yoga - wherever you are, whenever you have the urge to - with master's confidence. You do not need to think what position to do next. Now, you can focus on your actual feelings, go deeper towards your true rhythm... Any specific health conditions can be improved gradually aspiring to an ultimate long-term result.

Personal Yoga Program for independent practice
- $499, inclusive of initial consultation and complete practice manual in PDF,
- $799, inclusive of initial consultation, complete practice manual in PDF and detailed video guide.

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30 minutes consultation $50


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