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Due to the Covid restrictions we are forced to close our studio for face-to-face classes till 10th of October. Online classes will continue normally.
ALL our subscriptions will include Online Classes for this period. Please see our Timetable to book online classes.

Teacher Training and Mentoring

Yoga Instructor course | 200 hours


Our teacher training program is now open for everyone to sign-up!
The main goal is to provide you with all the information and practical guidance that is necessary for you to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes associated with the role of Yoga teacher.
You have noticed the positive influence of Yoga in your life?
Inspired to share the 'magic' with others?
Our course will raise your confidence as a Yoga instructor, you will learn to design sequences, combine asana, pranayama and meditation in a class, to navigate through the flow of Yoga together with your students to the bliss and harmony.

The course has a flexible structure combining theoretical and practical sessions, online modules and exams, materials for your individual Yoga practice and more.
You can prioritize the modules based on your personal goals.
The value of 200 hours package remains the same unless you decide to opt-out from the online modules.
Upon completion of the course,
you will receive a 200 hours Yoga Instructor qualification certificate allowing you to obtain a professional insurance and conduct classes independently or as an employee/contractor.

Guided Self-practice : your personalized Yoga routine for balanced approach in teaching
Sequencing : principles from different schools, physiological and other principles
Foundations of Hatha Yoga : roots and purpose
The Elements of Hatha Yoga : lifestyle and practice
Related practices : Qigong, Sadhana, swimming, walking
Conducting classes : ethics, communication, adjustments

Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga from Yoga Synergy - 24 hours
Advanced Yoga Fundamentals from Yoga Synergy - 24 hours

Investment - $2600

Customized package is available by request. Should you prefer to opt-out from one or both ONLINE MODULES, please contact us to discuss.
You can start immediately doing the ONLINE MODULES. Next course's face-to-face modules will start in March 2020! Its theoretical and practical sessions be scheduled based on your and your mentor's availability.

    Full Course    

is FREE to join!

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